Ledig dag på vår “basecamp” i Mpwapwa 2006

* Onsdag 7 Februari 2006 * Idag hade vi en ledig dag och vi hade ett par timmar framför oss med datorer, helt galet… Men rapporter och andra saker måste göras med hjälp av bärbar dator. Efter lunch tog vi en promenad från huset till Kikombo Primary School och gick sedan nerför backen till staden […]

Ankomst och utbildning i Dar es Salaam 2006

* Saturday January 21st, 2006 * The training with UN WFP in Rome has finalized and now travelling to Tanzania. The Swedes are indeed a global travelling people, you meet them every where. On the same flight from Rome to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia I met some Swedes from Stockholm who where to visit Addis, […]

Volunteering for the UN World Food Programme in Tanzania 2006

* Saturday January 14th 2006 * Training session in Rome This is the story how I became a volunteer participating in United Nations World Food Programme “School Feeding”. My employer at this time had a partner agreement with UN which enabled the company to select 12 employees every year around the globe to be part […]