Ledig dag på vår “basecamp” i Mpwapwa 2006

* Onsdag 7 Februari 2006 * Idag hade vi en ledig dag och vi hade ett par timmar framför oss med datorer, helt galet… Men rapporter och andra saker måste göras med hjälp av bärbar dator. Efter lunch tog vi en promenad från huset till Kikombo Primary School och gick sedan nerför backen till staden […]

Vi tar oss till vår “base-camp” i Mpwapwa 2006

* Thursday February 2nd, 2006 * Finally it is time to move out to the fields as we now have performed all the visits at authorities, agencies, etc. needed. We are heading to our first “camp” which is located in Mpwapwa, approximately 160 kilometers from Dodoma. During the way we can see how dry the […]

Till huvudstaden i Tanzania – Dodoma 2006

* Tuesday January 31st, 2006 * This is the day we are heading for Dodoma which we really are looking forward to after two weeks of extensive training, first week in Rome and second here in Dar. Every morning when entering the restaurant, we are welcomed by this charming girl, dressed in a traditional “Masai […]