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Almyrida 2017

Almyrida 2017


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As a half time senior (soon starting my retired life in october, 2017) we took the opportunity to have a week off in Greece and the weather forecast telling us that we may expect quite a “hot” and sunny week.

Weather forecast

But no complaints as this is what we are here for, sunshine and a warm nice climate… At the waterfront there are a number of restaurants with nice views.

Really cozy and perfect for having good food and drinks. We had many long walks, one of them was to a nearby village named Kalivai, but having that walk in the strong heat and walking up and down Manu of the hills required a steady amount of water (drinks…) 🙂 One day we took the bus into the main city of Crete, Chania the biggest town on the island having a fine harbour as well as a cozy fruit and vegetable market hall. Walked around whole afternoon and in the evening we had a nice meal at a small restaurant located in a very narrow alley. Good food and service was enjoyed before taking the bus back “home” to Almyrida again.

Taverna Mikio in Chania

The last day of our stay we accompanied a bus ride high up to the mountains to have walk inside and through the famous “Imbros Gorge” which is a walk around 8 kilometers and took something around 4 hours walk down to a lower level where the bus will take us back “home”. Fantastic nature and views. Recommend this if you go travel to Crete.

Imbros Gorge

Last night having dinner at the water front at our favourite restaurant. Next day when back home I will go sailing directly in the morning to the island of Laeso (Denmark) to meet friends.

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